It's a Small World After All

Being a child grants one a certain amount of naivete.  For example, as kids we assumed there would be an eventual maturing process of our classmates, and that the mean, or rude kids we dealt with on a day to day basis would one day grow up to be more well mannered adults.  With that thought perhaps we imagined a much nicer, gracious, respectful, adult world in which to live. 

Gone would be the playground days of bullies getting their way either through intimidation or force simply because they were older or bigger or stronger.  Gone would be the whining shouts of "not fair" when dividing up the birthday cake or heard when report cards were issued and the grades (based on solid tangibles such as performance) weren't favorable to some.  Gone would be the hurtful remarks that kids sometimes say to one another to make themselves feel more important, to act tough, or just for the fun of it.  Gone would be the unsanitary bathroom practices that somehow seem characteristic of young children, but certainly not of adults. 

Jumping ahead several decades is the realization that due to our sinful natures, sadly little has changed in the adult world.  Bullies still insist on getting their way, but now money or pride, or simple arrogance becomes the intimidator.  Cries of "not fair" are still being bellowed, as some insist on being treated equally in society regardless of how well they perform.  Hurtful remarks are still hurled at others on the roadways, at ball games, and even in our churches and school.  Not even bathroom habits have improved with age since about a third of all women and men still don't wash their hands after using the bathroom despite the outbreaks of Hepatitis B and other diseases.  I guess it's true, everything we learned -  or didn't learn - started in Kindergarten.

So where does this lead?  To anger, anxiety, and despair about the state of our sinful word?  No.  It leads to the cross and empty tomb where Christ's death and resurrection forgives me and all sinners of our irksome, sometimes childish ways.  These child-like habits show us that sin is still present and a part of who we are no matter our age - from birth to death.  This leads us to His Word so that through the Spirit our faith may mature.  This leads us to a yearning for the paradise that is to come that will take us away from the childish practices of sin and into a mature world of His heavenly realm.